[Spoilers] Ruler: Master of The Mask (Pilot)

by - May 11, 2017

Naver - OSEN : 'Ruler: Master of The Mask's pilot episode.. Yoo Seungho's fantasy Saeguk

1. [+3156, -176] Yoo Seungho's acting is great. Kim Sohyun and L are also no joke. The plot is so cool, the OST also good

2. [+2745, -154] It would be perfect if not for the PPL in the middle of episode. Finally a fun drama. . . The drama makes you not realise time. Only Yoon Sohee's character makes me worry

3. [+2226, -136] Yoo Seungho is so handsome, his pronuncation also good ㅜㅜ i will watch this every Wed-Thurs

4. [+2145, -121] Yoo Seungho's visual suits saeguk and modern dramas. He is really good in acting. His voice also so charming. Visual, acting, and voice. . He is really the best

5. [+1707, -132] The acting is good, the plot is fun

6. [+708, -54] L's acting is fine. We all know Kim Sohyun and Yoo Seungho, they are great. . Only Yoon Sohee's a bit regretable. But the drama is fun

7. [+658, -51] We can't say anything about Yoo Seungho and Kim Sohyun. L is also good ㅋㅋ but the PPL . . Broke the flow

8. [+635, -56] Yoo Seungho is a million faces actor. Idol usually depends a lot on stage make up so when they are starring in drama, their visuals lack compared to actors. But L is still look handsome

9. [+659, -58] Good acting ㅜㅜㅜ L improves so much ㅜㅜ But the PPL is out of nowhere;;

10. [+574, -48] Today Yoo Seungho, Kim Sohyun, L's visual, Yoo Seungho's voice, and L's acting improvement surprised me


Naver- Herald Pop : Yoo Seungho and Kim Sohyun's fated meeting, ill-fated relationship with L

1. [+420, -14] Frankly, L improves so much. All actresses and actors are so good looking

2. [+354, -16] Exceed my expectation

3. [+359, -19] L is improving in acting.. We can feel how much hard works he puts in!! Hit daebak Ruler: Master of The Mask. Hwaiting !!♡♡♡♡

4. [+307, -11] Hit big Ruler: Master of The Mask~~ Myungsoo and Seungho fighting

5. [+309, -13] Everyone do great. It also good to see Myungsoo's acting improvement ㅠㅠㅠ Myungsoo said he sees all the comments. Let's just see the good ones only. Hwaiting! I love you

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