Ji Sung - Nam Goong Min - Jang Hyuk, God actors that hard carried K-dramas now

by - February 18, 2017

Naver - Sport Choson : Ji Sung - Nam Goong Min - Jang Hyuk, God actors that make our week exciting

1. [+2619, -99] Korea Communications Standard Commission, you better not touch Voice !

2. [+2619, -99] Chief Kim is popular because of the story. The drama tells about how the characters fight against tyranny power in the society. The story develops naturally with comedy elements. Even though the genre is not a melodrama, this drama still makes our hearts beat faster 

3. [+844, -42] These three people show us what is acting. Their acting skills are good~ㅋ

4. [+222, -11] Busy finding the criminal on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

5. [+202, -9] I am so glad these three dramas are not airing at the same timeㅋㅋ

6. [+223, -18] We are immersed in Ji Sung's story, laughing because of Chief Kim and got frightened because of Voice ~~ ㅎ 

7. [+177, -4] I also spend my week watching these dramas

8. [+153, -12] How does the reporter know i am watching these dramas? ㅎㅎThese three are so fun

9. [+156, -15] Ji Sung, Nam Goong Min, and Jang Hyuk are actors that we can trust!! They have wide acting spectrum and good at acting

10. [+117, -4] I am so thankful their dramas are not airing at the same time. Three actors are so cool!

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