[SPOILERS] Hwarang Ep 17

by - February 14, 2017

Naver - Sports Seoul: Go Ara becomes a Wonhwa for the sins of shaking Park Hyung Shik's heart, Park Seo Joon is furious

1. [+1607, -45] Just let Hyung Shik becomes a king. Will you ever show King Jinheung cool scenes ?

2. [+1243, -31] With 3 episodes left, will it end with Sam Maek Jong becomes a king ?

-> [+20, -34] At this rate, Gae Sae can also becomes a king  ㅋㅋ there is the secret of birth 

-> [+45, -6] This drama tells story of Hwarang's beginning not about King Jinheung

-> [+24, -0] I think the story will end with Jinheung as a king

-> [+18, -0] At least, the story will end with Jinheung sits on the throne ~ The title must be changed ~^^

-> [+9, -0] Don't know when he will become one but the King is Sam Maek Jong. The spoiler is the history ㅎㅎ

3. [+1002, -28] When Park Hyung Shik comes out as a King?

4. [+741, -28] Ha .. really the queen is so cancerous

5. [+676, -27] Seriously, when will Sam Maek Jong becomes a King?

6. [+306, -10] Where is flowers warrior Hwarang's cool scene ? The romance has not made any progress, until when Sam Maek Jong needs to hide? The story stops at the beginning and has been roaming around since

7. [+260, -60] Does Hwarang have 50 episodes? As long as i know, it is 20 episodes. So frustating

8. [+236, -6] The writer is so lack in ability. I don't really understand why they made this kind of story, this kind of script as a pre-produced drama. If not for the actors, won't really watch it. Seo Joon-ah, it's really pity but you've worked hard this time, waiting for your new work. Hyung Shik-ah, I am waiting for Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon

9. [+238, -10] The 1st and 2nd eps were unexpectedly good so i have watched this until now. But today i see why the ratings keep dropping. Really what kind of story is this? Does Hwarang only there as a name? They don't even show Hwarang's charming scene anymore after few first episodes. Main couple love story is so frustrating. Jinheung is also as frustrating and i can't really understand the actions of Queen Ji So. This kind of story will make fans disappointed.

10. [+219, -8] The pace is so slow but today too Sam Maek Jong is so cool.

p.s : wonhwa is female spirituals leader of hwarang

Naver - XSports News : Go Ara sees Park Seo Joon and Seo Ye Ji kissing

1. [+453, -18] The pace is so . . We only have few episodes left now

2. [+451, -19] So childish, seems like Highteen romance. Watching this for Park Seo Joon but the story is so . .

3. [+383, -15] Even as a fan, i am worried whether this episode will be fun. So frustrating. Will be more convenient to drop this. 

4. [+240, -13] What kind of story is this?

5. [+161, -18] Suk Myung is shaking

6. [+88, -9] If not for the actors, there is no reason to watch this drama. This writer class, you have those talents and you can only write this class of story

7. [+60, -7] The writer starts going nuts

8. [+36, -0] Please, have more development to the story tomorrow. Next week is already the last episode, when will Seon Woo's identity be revealed?

9. [+50 -5] No matter how good the acting is, this kind of script can not show it

10. [+55 -8] When we are busy guessing who is the king, the romance takes over ㅡㅡ

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