Office Dramas, from Misaeng to Chief Kim

by - February 20, 2017

Naver- Xports : Misaeng -> Chief Kim, our office dramas

1. [+1531, -26] Chief Kim is about real society problem, but it is revealed in fun and natural way that make the drama interesting. Script, acting, and production are good

2. [+1385, -58] Lee Sung Min's acting is really good in Misaeng

3. [+1366, -88] Actors learning through acting. We need more experienced actors like Nam Goong Min and Ra Mi Ran. Nam Goong Min, let's go for daesang!!

4. [+897, -30] Chief Kim is so funny but it also can be so touching.. So fun!!

5. [+899, -46] Chief Kim is so fun !! Nam Goong Min will get daesang this time!

6. [+164, -2] Produce office dramas that 100% same to the real situation, would it be fun for you? I watch Chief Kim without any thoughts, it is so fun !!

7. [+161, -4] Chief Kim is like cider version of Misaeng!! Even in dramas, there should be refreshing plot like this

8. [+164, -9] Misaeng is so fun even if we watch it now! It reminded me of my first working period, i cried a lot. For all people that entering a society for a first time, let's gain strength!

9. [+135, -4] Nowadays our country is in mess, people have many complaints to the country. Chief Kim is like a drama that encourage us, a cider that give us a little comfort! 

10. [+144, -9] Chief Kim ~~~~~♡

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