[Pann] Handsome guys in Produce101

by - April 20, 2017

Lai Guan Lin

Born in 2001 (17 years old), 181 cm, from Taiwan

He is a 6-months-trainee from Cube so fans call him chick trainee 

Park Ji Hoon

Born in 1999 (19 years old), 173 cm

His wink in ending pose of Pick Me have stolen female audience hearts and also making him first place in ranking

Bae Jin Young

Born in 2000 (18 years old), 175 cm

He has gloomy vibe so fans call him dark flame master

Kim Jong Hyun

Born in 1995 (23 years old), 176 cm

He is the leader of Nu'est. His nickname is Wartortle

Joo Hak Nyeon

Born in 1999 (19 years old), 174 cm

He is biracial. His father is from Hongkong

Yoon Seon Ho

Born in 2002 (16 years old), 178 cm

He eats 5 meals a day. A growing dream tree


Kim Tae Dong

Born in 1997 (21 years old), 177 cm

He moved from F class to A class. He was a Boys24 contestant

Kang Daniel

Born in 1996 (22 years old), 180cm

He has pink hair

Kim Samuel

Born in 2002 (16 years old)

He is biracial. His father from Spain

Ahn Hyung Seob

Born in 1999 (19 years old), 173 cm

His nickname is ambitious and poisonous guy

+ Produce101's energy

Yoon Ji Sung

Born in 1991 (27 years old), 175 cm

Breakdown and reaction prince

[+213, -10]

Original post : here

- Yoon Ji Sung is 27 years old? I thought he is in the beginning of 20s

- I hope you always walk on 1st place path 

- Jonghyun-ah

- Ha Sung Woo is also handsome

- Haknyeon-ah let's work hard to debut

 - I thought Park Sung Woo would be here.. Isn't his visual in the top 5 ?

- Nu'est members are all handsome

- For me Hwang Min Hyun and Park Sung Woo

- Yoon Hee Seok is also handsome

- Do yall know Kenta ?

- Ong Sung Woo too

- Where is two Sung Woos? Park Sungwoo created buzz through his fancam before the program even airing, the teachers acknowledge Ong Sungwoo's visual

--- Idols should be adorable and cute. Those two are not fitting the criteria. Namoo actors trainee is also handsome but he doesn't suit being idol

- If it's handsome guys why Ji Sung? Eui Woong is handsome, Kenta too

- I don't know who is he .. but he is so handsome .. i am going to watch Produce101 for him

- Noh Tae Hyun is also quite handsome .. He needs some touch-up tho. He is good in singing, dancing and rapping. His Japanese is also good. He has many aegyos. He has reversed charm

- Don't include Samuel... I acknowledge others but Samuel is a bit over

- For me the most handsome is Kim Si Hyun..

- Kang Daniel, Samuel, and Yoon Ji Sung are not handsome.. You should include Ong Sung Woo, Hwang Min Hyun, and Kim Min Ki instead

- Im Hyun Min is also handsome

- Kim Yong Guk, Kim Si Hyun

- Who's here likes Yeo Hwan Woong?? He got A in the first evaluation, he also sings well.. He imitated pokemons in his introduction video

- Lee Yoo Jin

- Kim Dong Bin

-  Kim Yong Guk !! I found my love

- Kim Sang Gyun

- Yoon Yong Bin and Kim Tae Min

- Lee Eui Woong, Ong Sung Woo, Park Sung Woo, Justin and Kim Tae Min also handsome.. Japanese trainee Kenta is also handsome.. Also Kim Si Hyun.. also Yong Guk

- For me Kwon Hyun Bin and Hwang Min Hyun

- You didn't include Ong Sung Woo and Park Sung Woo? Because they have actor feel??

- Almost all contestants handsome tho

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