Kim Sae Ron and Lee Soo Min to leave MC positions on Music Core

by - April 07, 2017

Naver - XSports : Kim Sae Ron & Lee Soo Min to leave MC positions on Music Core, currently in search of replacements

1. [+3531, -119] Kim Sae Ron is not suit as mc on music program

2. [+3281, -93] Both of them not suit as MC

3. [+2422, -68] Wonbin, please get some acting project. In this rate, when you comeback Kim Sae Ron is going to marry

4. [+1791, -27] I hope they write the script well.. It is so cheesy 

5. [+1485, -46] Lee Soo Min have only done this for a while though?

6. [+506, -14] Lee Soo Min should not have left Boni Hani.. She couldn't settle down well with other programs

7. [+478, -15] Lee Soo Min joined suddenly and leave suddenly

8. [+263, -7] The script is so awkward, whoever the mc is still going to be so so

9. [+364, -46] Eung.. Kim Sae Ron not suit as MC, she can't even pronounce her words well when acting

10. [+233, -6] For Music Core, idol MC will be better than actor MC. They should open MC audition for idols.

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