Gong Yoo, Nam Goong Min, Park Bo Gum as nominations for Best Actor in 53th Baeksang Arts Awards

by - April 07, 2017

Naver - Sports Dong Ah : Gong Yoo, Nam Goong Min, Park Bo Gum as nominations for Best Actor in 53th Baeksang Arts Awards

Other nominations

Television Section

Best Variety Show:
- I Live Alone
- My Ugly Duckling
- Show Me The Money
- Knowing Bros
- Phantom Singer

Best Drama: 
- W - Two Worlds
- Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
- Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
- Goblin
- Dear My Friend

Best Directing: 
- Song Hyun Wook (Another Oh Hae Young)
- Yoo In Sik (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
- Lee Eung Bok (Goblin)
- Jung Dae Yoon (W- Two Worlds)
- Hong Jong Chan (Dear My Friends)

Best Scriptwriting:
- Kang Eun Kyung (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
- Kim Eun Sook (Goblin)
- Noh Hee Kyung (Dear My Friends)
- Park Hae Young (Another Oh Hae Young)
- Song Jae Jung (W- Two Worlds)

Best New Actor:
- Gong Myung (Drinking Solo)
- Kim Min Seok (Doctors)
- Kim Min Jae (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
- Ji Soo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
- Jin Young (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)

Best New Actress:
- Kang Han Na (Moon Lovers)
- Gong Seung Yeon (Master of Noodle)
- Na Na (The Good Wife)
- Min Ah (Beautiful Gong Shim)
- Lee Se Young (Laurel Tree Tailors)

Best Actor:
- Gong Yoo (Goblin)
- Nam Goong Min (Chief Kim)
- Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)
- Jo Jung Suk (Jealousy Incarnate)
- Han Suk Kyu (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)

Best Actress:
- Kim Go Eun (Goblin)
- Kim Ha Neul (On The Way To Airport)
- Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
- Park Shin Hye (Doctors)
- Seo Hyun Jin (Another Oh Hae Young)

Movie Section 

Best Movie:
- The Wailing
- The Age Of Shadows
- Train To Busan
- The Handmaiden
- Asura

Best Screenplay:
- The Wailing (Na Hong Jin)
- Age of Shadows (Lee Ji Min/ Park Joong Dae)
- The Handmaiden (Park Chan Wook/ Jung Seo Kyung)
- Asura (Kim Seong Soo)
- Yoon Ga Eun (The World of Us)

Best New Director:
- Yeon Sang Ho (Train to Busan)
- Yoon Ga Eun (The World of Us)
- Lee Yo Seob (The Queen of Crime)
- Lee Joo Young (Single Rider)
- Lee Hyun Joo (Our Love Story)

Best Director:
- Kim Seong Soo (Asura)
- Kim Ji Woon (Age of Shadows)
- Na Hong Jin (The Wailing)
- Park Chan Wook (The Handmaiden)
- Hong Sang Soo (On The Beach at Night Alone)

Best New Actor:
- Do Kyung Soo (Brother)
- Ryu Jun Yeol (The King)
- Woo Do Hwan (Master)
- Ji Chang Wook (Fabricated City)
- Han Jae Young (New Trial)

Best New Actress:
- Kim Tae Ri (The Handmaiden)
- Kim Hwan Hee (The Wailing)
- Yoona (Confidential Assignment)
- Lee Sang Hee (Our Love Story)
- Choi Soo In (The World of Us)

Best Supporting Actor:
- Kim Eui Sang (Train to Busan)
- Ma Dong Seok (Train to Busan)
- Bae Sung Woo (The King)
- Uhm Tae Goo (Age of Shadows)
- Jo Jin Woong (The Handmaiden)

Best Supporting Actress:
- Kim So Jin (The King)
- Ra Mi Ran (The Last Princess)
- Bae Doo Na (Tunnel)
- Chun Woo Hee (The Wailing)
- Han Ji Min (Age of Shadows)

Best Actor:
- Kwak Do Won (The Wailing)
- Song Kang Ho (The Age Of Shadows)
- Yoo Hae Jin (Luck Key)
- Lee Byung Hun (Master)
- Ha Jung Woo (Tunnel)

Best Actress:
- Kim Min Hee (The Handmaiden)
- Kim Hye Soo (Goodbye Single)
- Son Ye Jin (The Last Princess)
- Yoon Yeo Jung (The Bacchus Lady)
- Han Ye Ri (Worst Woman)

1. [+2065, -74] The nominations of Best Actor in Television and Best Actress in Movie are no joke

2. [+1492, -56] The nominations are no joke. . Congrats for being nominated. I am so excited of Baeksang Awards

3. [+1270, -37] Heol, congrats all.. The awards will be given on the ceremony anyways, no need to predict who will win in this place

4. [+1219, -62] The nominations of best actor is no joke

5. [+924, -61] The nominations in television section so wow

6. [+525, -74] Moonlight's Park Bogum, Chief Kim's Nam Goongmin, Goblin's Gongyoo all so great. This is really a war

7. [+356, -33] Wow this is such a tight competitions. All have good actings and ratings, so hard to choose the winner

8. [+338, -34] Baeksang is a really credible awards ceremony. It is such an honour to just being nominated. All so amazing. Especially best actor nominations

9. [+299, -23] So amazing of all!! Congrats for being nominated!! All great actors

10. [+281, -23] Congrats all !!!

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