Eric announces marriage with Na Hye Mi

by - April 17, 2017

Naver - Sports Choson : Eric and Na Hye Mi to get married on July 1st

1. [+3119, -118] If you watch Three Meals A Day, you will know he is such a family man. Congrats be happy

2. [+2453, -73] Congratulations. I read from article that Shinhwa members will give congratulatory performances..ㅋㅋ Wedding day will be so funㅋㅋ

3. [+2479, -193] Na Hyemi saved a country in her before-life

4. [+1280, -76] Ah~~~ Eric 

5. [+932, -68] Congratulations!! Do your honeymoon well and comeback. Be happy. You two match well^^ I hope you take care of each other well in the future...!!!

6. [+230, -12] With this we can be sure 80% of gossips are true. The gossips are usually spread by people who work at Hairshop in KangNam.. Because they see and hear all things there.. People who work in broadcast stations also sometimes spread the gossips

7. [+205, -8] The type of woman he likes is consistent

8. [+211, -11] So Eric likes the cat types of woman. His preference is so consistent. Kim Hee Sun, Park Si Yeon, Na Hye Mi

9. [+217, -15] She doesn't have representative works beside High Kick, is she still an actress?? I don't remember her other works

10. [+296, -47] Waste of Eric (Upvote) or Waste of Hye Mi (Downvote)?

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