[Pann] Produce101 Brand New Music trainee self composed song plagiarizes GOT7's Hard Carry ?

by - April 16, 2017

The problem is not on how he didn't say he re-arranged the song but on how he said he self composed the song

Choreography comparison

The intro of Hollywood


 The intro of Hard Carry

The reactions from Youtube, Naver, Instiz, DC gallery all said it is so similar, isn't it a plagiarism? 

This is a few reactions from Naver 

" Sounds like Hard Carry"

" It's similar to GOT7's Hard Carry? The choreography also similar to Hard Carry's shake you up, put you up and down"

" Hard Carry hae~~?? eung?? "

" What is thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ Reminds me of Hard Carry. . ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The lyrics also similar . . If it's a re-arranged song, they should have mentioned the original song"

" Daebak this is so similar to GOT7's Hard Carry goosebumps they purposely made it not too obvious, but it is so obvious "

" What is this ? GOT7 fans are not even talking about this, but the comments are so mess so i took a look at full version. . What a plagiarism ? only the genre is similar "

" I listened to the song and thought it was so similar to Hard Carry. It turns out not only me thinking like that. I don't know if it is Lee Dae Hwi's fault or Mnet's fault? "

" It is so similar to GOT7's Hard Carry. Welcome to Hollywood lyrics too ㅋㅋ Were they insulting GOT7 ㅋㅋ Even if they didn't see GOT7 as a sunbae group, they are still from JYPE "

They said it with their own mouths that the song is composed by Lee Dae Hwi and the choreography is composed by Park Woo Jin

Cheetah also said to Lee Seok Hoon that they composed the song before the evaluation 

Once again the problem is not about how they didn't say they re-arranged the song but they completely copied Hard Carry and said they composed the song and choreography by themselves 

So disappointed of Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin

[+317, -89] 

source : Here

1. [+103, -9] As soon as i heard it i thought they re-arrange Hard Carry

2. [+97, -19] Heol. . So disappointed. . Why they said they personally composed the song on the broadcast ㅋㅋ They must have said it to look genius

3. [+88, -6] I thought they re-arrange Hard Carry while watching the performance. Even if they or Mnet didn't say anything about it, they must have inspired by GOT7's choreography. If only they mentioned GOT7 song, there would not be controversy like now. Also i think Brand New Music trainees must have taking interest or liking GOT7. In the middle of performance, there was also choreography of GOT7's debut song. Anyways, Mnet should release feedback about this.

4. [+54, -12] I hope you all read this

" You all misunderstood it. Self composed song and re-arrangement are two different things but Mnet wrote the two as one. As the performance ended, the jury asked do you re-arrange the song to Lee Dae Hwi and he answered yes. But it didn't appear in the subtitle. Also Lee Dae Hwi didn't compose the choreography so please don't curse at him. He re-arranged the first part and composed the last part of the song, so Mnet should have written it and mentioned the original song"

5. [+40, -58] Goodbye DaeHwi. . i was happy picking you as a debut member for a while.

6. [+38, -27] It's okay, it's okay even Twice does it

7. [+37, -5] I like Hard Carry so i often listen to the song. The pre-release performance sounded like Hard Carry but if you listen to the full performance it is not similar. The melody is completely different. What you wrote and used as reference are the reactions of pre-release performance. This is the reactions of full performance. If you judged it is similar only by listening to pre-release performance, please listen to the full performance as well

" The only thing similar to Hard Carry is the genre, the melody is different. Please don't accuse them plagiazed the song. They just start their career. "

" I also thought the song was similar to Hard Carry but after listening to the full version only the genre is similar "

8. [+26, -1] Let's just admit the thing that need to be admitted, fans. It is so funny how his fans shield him over this. I am not interested on Lee Dae Hwi but said they personally composed the song and choreography is just wrong. They should release feedback about this.

9. [+26, -7] They really have no conscience saying they composed all the song and choreography. Did they say it to look talented ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did they know what conscience is?

10. [+22, -2] Did they say they compose the song to receive a praise? They should have mentioned they re-arranged the song

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