SBS to abolish daily drama

by - April 06, 2017

Naver - Sports Dongah: SBS in discussion to abolish evening daily drama

1. [+2435, -44] Let's just abolish no meaning makjang drama. That's the right thing to do

2. [+2632, -196] The one that needs to abolish daily drama is KBS1TV. They are operated only by subscription fee. They don't even have advertising revenue. Producing a drama is consuming a lot of costs and they clearly don't have that money. That's why the quality is very poor. KBS1 should get rid their daily drama

3. [+924, -26] That drama is going to start filming next week. It must be shocking for them

4. [+568, -27] Clap clap clap!!!

5. [+522, -25] I can't even see that ㅠㅠ

6. [+256, -3] Can you just please air sitcom instead? So we all that come back from work can have a little laugh

7. [+236, -2] MBC you have to get rid your daily drama too. Let's just air sitcom instead. The slottime is suitable for sitcom

8. [+186, -2] It is always about secret of birth, accident, fell in coma, memory loss, fake pregnancy, conspiracy to commit evil things anyways. Just abolish daily drama

9. [+179, -3] They push Saimdang too hard ~

10. [+169, -1] They spilled their efforts to Saimdang.

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