Seventeen to comeback in May + the comment sections in mess

by - April 04, 2017

Naver - XSports : The trend is back, Seventeen plans to comeback in May

1. [+608, -128] Han Sung Soo is so mean . . if you gonna act like this, why you add Lee Young and Ga Eun to After School?? He waste their talents.. It would be better if he just disband After Schoolㅡㅡ Stop frustrating fans. . Don't make us comment like this on Seventeen's post.

2. [+262, -21] What are you doing Pledis? The scandal is becoming too big, why don't you give any feedbacks

3. [+476, -106] Pledis is too much. . Give After School a comeback !!

4. [+635, -160] The comment sections in messㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+650, -178] ㅎㄷㄷ They are becoming unlikeable

6. [+238, -56] So was that ATM scandal true? I just want to know that . . If it is not true, Carats should not be bothered by mean comments, if it is true. . Emm. . It requieres extra pain from Seventeen and Carat to overcome this scandal

7. [+95, -23] I am a Carat, but i am not really sure. Many insane fans in the fandon. . I will just sleep and waiting for feedback and comeback. Honestly i don't understand why this becoming so big. The antis just jealous. Let's just believe in Seventeen

8. [+76, -17] I will always believe in Seventeen so Pledis please give a feedback ! This thing becoming so big, it is not a good thing to just stay quiet. If they had a mistake, they should apologize. If not, just release official statement. It is becoming like this because you gave that kind of statement last time. Give us a feedback !!

9. [+102, -26] Not a fan, but i think this is too much. You don't have to care about mean comments. Antis behaving like this because they think it is the only time to hunt down Seventeen. They will be fine. Don't care about that. Also if there are Carats that hating and leaving mean commens to other groups, use this scandal as an oppurtunity to reflect. Just like you hate other favorite, there is a time your favorite will receive the same hates too. Anyways, wishing good success for Seventeen !

10. [+43, -8] Not a fan, but the comments so disgusting. It is not like they confess they did it, why hate them

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