Park Shin Hye's photoshoot

by - April 18, 2017


Naver - Dispatch : Spring goddess, Park Shin Hye

1. [+2265, -159] If you press like, you will meet your ideal type this year

2. [+924, -150] I've been fan of her since her unknown period. I hope everything goes well for her. I hope you always walk on flowerly path, actress Park Shin Hye^^ So pretty ㅎㅎㅎ fighting!!

3. [+720, -136] Park Shin Hye, let's walk on flowerly path only~

4. [+614, -135] So pretty, our Park Actress

5. [+539, -119] You are so good at acting, whether it is movie or drama, please come out with new project soon

6. [+100, -27] I hope to see you soon in a drama

7. [+100, -28] You won't do a new drama? Please do it soon, i want to see you

8. [+56, -14] Her strongest point is she has different image with different make-up and outfits~ If her make-up is thick, she looks glamour. If her make-up is thin, she looks innocent. That's why she is so charming

9. [+52, -14] Let's meet soon with a new project. Park Shin Hye shines brightest when she is acting

10. [+49, -13] Her face is so small.. so pretty... so jealous..

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