The fakeness of dating show comes to light as Lee Jun Ki's dating revealed

by - April 05, 2017

Naver - Ilgan Sports : Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin's dating confirm the fakeness of dating show

1. [+8657, -308] If you have a lover, don't do this kind of program

2. [+8074, -236] Not that we have to evaluate dating show because of this scandal but Lee Jun Ki really crossed the line this time.. He has a girlfriend, why he had to join that program and acted like he fluttered and fell in love. . As someone who like him, i am disappointed

3. [+6312, -231] A variety is a variety but join My Ear's Candy is a bit. . He disrespect viewers

4. [+5009, -193] I know this is just a variety but isn't this like you revealed to be dating while doing We Got Married?

5. [+4779, -145] It is not that we expected them to be dating because of the show, but please don't fake your action, and show respect to viewers

6. [+1630, -27] We all know this is just a show. In that show, there are other celebrities that drew the line and stayed as friend. Why did he have to act like he likes her? i can't understand

7. [+1582, -49] Among other celebrities that filming My Ear's Candy, Lee Jun Ki is the only one who act like the show is We Got Marriedㅋ He seems like Park Min Young so much. That's why . . Seems like he used Park Min Young and the show to receive Romcom drama offer

8. [+1232, -30] It is because he acted like he fell in love with Park Min Young. He match her well

9. [+1142, -29] If you are in a relationship, you should reject the offer

10. [+1054, -27] It is not time when dating news that controversial. If only they announced it earlier, they would receive thousands of blessings

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