Produce101 picked the visual center on April 15th recording

by - April 18, 2017

Naver - OSEN : Produce101 picked 1st place in visual on April 15th recording

1. [+3959, -70] Mnet, please distribute screentime fairly. The discrimination is no joke

2. [+3059, -42] Instead of that, you should release performances and re-evaluation videos which not broadcasted on first and second episode... You released all videos in Season 1.. why can't you do the same for Season 2?

3. [+2128, -98] Isn't 1st in Visual different with center? There is no way Choi Yoo Jung will be picked as center if the two are same

4. [+2144, -163] Will he get more screentime if he wins? Idols must be handsome

5. [+1623, -221] Idols are all about face

6. [+611, -23] Kwon Hyun Bin is not even handsome, why do they push him so much? Is it because he is from big company? Let alone the talents in singing and dancing, he doesn't even have determination. Why does he appear in idol audition program? Why does he have more screentime than others?

7. [570, -34] Stop pushing Kwon Hyun Bin. It's so obvious

8. [+455, -27] As you keep pushing Kwon Hyun Bin, he becomes more unlikeable

9. [+363, -28] Park Ji Hoon, Joo Hak Nyeon, Ong Sung Woo, Bae Jin Young, Park Sung Woo... The winner will be among them..!? Personally i also like smiley guy like Kang Daniel and Lee Woo Jin..The guy who sang the lyric wrong also cute.

10. [+280, -12] I vote for the guys who working hard .. of course i also consider the visuals

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