Boys24 admits Produce101 getting more attention than them

by - April 16, 2017

" It's true that Produce101 Season 2 is getting more attention than Boys24. There are people from Boys24 who are now on Produce101. As contestants from a survival show, we are cheering them on. We hope we can have a healthy competition with them"

Naver - My Daily: Boys24 is still not over ? The survival is still going on 

1. [+1554, -30] The boys have no faults, it is all because of the production teams failed in gaining attention for the show

2. [+524, -29] Complete the rest of concerts and do the promotion well. Good days will definetely come. You all know that you have fans that sincerely support you right? ❤

3. [+417, -20] I have watched the program since 1st episode, and continued watching it till the end because i've grown fond of them. I hope each one of them does well. Will always support you~

4. [+299, -23] Yonghyun-ah, gains strength! I support you

5. [+241, -19] I always support you! Steal your heart is so good

6. [+54, -3] Please come to their concert! After 2 hours, you will become their fan even if you are their antiㅋㅋ I have exprienced it myself. I didn't like them and thought they were so so before but after i followed my friend to their concert, i have became more fan than her. I really want to smack TV and production teams

7. [+62, -6] I hope Boys24 Unit Black does well. It is really good seeing them adore each others. Boys24 Unit Black fighting!

8. [+51, -4] When i look at them nowadays, their talents and visuals seem not that bad. It is so pity the program failed. . Is it because they did many concerts? What kind of survival program lasts for more than a year?

9. [+48, -3] I hope you will always work hard in doing schedule and concerts. Will always support you. This is a survival program but the members have good relationship with each others. Unit Black' s Steal Your Heart is also good. Let's hit daebak!

10. [+48, -4] Fighting!!!

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