Ha Ji Won cast as female lead in Hospital Ship

by - April 03, 2017


Naver - Ilgan Sports : Ha Ji Won to return to television, cast as female lead in MBC's new drama Hospital Ship

1. [+2423, -46] They will date in hospital again

2. [+2036, -35] Korea's medical drama: the love story of doctor

3. [+1665, -117] Damo, What happened in Bali, Hwang Jinyi, Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts, Empress Ki... Ha Ji Won is good at picking drama

4. [+1338, -49] The male lead is important

5. [+837, -54] I am curious of her acting partner

6. [+192, -3] They will fall in love after returning from their service in some island

7. [+201, -13] These days drama always about doctor or prosecutor. So boring

8. [+139, -7] Do drama like Moon in Seoul again. It is always about doctor and doctor

9. [+137, -16] Medical drama again.. Please stop doing medical drama with hope and moral story.. If you wanna do it, do it on different pov like poor life of resident in hospital. Doctors are not the professions that good at making money like in 80s, 90s anymore, why they always so luxurious in drama?

10. [+112, -8] Is this like Japanese dorama The Clinic on The Sea? That dorama is also about hospital ship that sails around some island... Is only the theme the same or is it the remake of that dorama? 

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