Park Han Byul breaks up with her businessman boyfriend

by - April 17, 2017

Naver - Sports Choson : Park Han Byul breaks up with her business man boyfriend after a year dating

1. [+14095, -200] Her relationships status constantly updated in media. Must be hard for her.

2. [+8040, -143] Breaking up in relationship is a normal thing. You will break up if you lose your feelings

3. [+7683, -390] It will be better for her to not do public relationship anymore

4. [+6307, -130] Celebrities are no different from the rest of us, we all date and break up

5. [+5064, -134] We will face break up as we live

6. [+961, -16] I hope media will stop reporting celebrity relationship updates

7. [+1006, -34] Married couple can also break up.. She is still single, she can date freely, what's this fuss?

8. [+803, -73] Is it because she is too nice? too innocent? She doesn't seem to have an eye for men either..Her relationships always end in break up.. I pity her.. Date well !!

9. [+535, -11] Her relationship with Se7en, Jung Eun Woo and non-celebrity got reported.. It seems like all her news about her relationships .. Gain strength !!

10. [+525, -10] Hanbyul-ssi, so you were in a relationship.. you will find a new love.. break up is a process

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