[SPOILERS] KPOP Star Season 6

by - April 03, 2017

Naver - MyDaily : Kwins and Boyfriend goes to the final

1. [+566, -40] 11 years-old kids wrote their own rap parts and memorized everything. They are genius

2. [+508, -36] The winner will be Boyfriend.. Those kids are awesome

3. [+365, -31] Boyfriend is going to win

4. [+313, -24] Even if the articles in the main page of naver usually praise them, i doubt it while thinking like how good young kids will be. Yesterday i watcher their stage, and i ended up watching their past performances.. They are a real genius. It seems like they have been singers for few years already. Look at their rapping, singing, and dancing.. The synergy between them is so great !!!

5. [+292, -31] I am rooting for Boyfriend

6. [+64, -2] Among other variety shows, Kpop Star's rating is number 1 for 12 weeks consecutively. Changing the slot time to 9 PM was a god-work. If genius monster Kim Jong Seob and Park Hyun Jin win, we will witness the birth of future superstar

7. [+78, -7] Boyfriend will win... Instead of voting for trainees of a company, the audience will vote for non-trainees excellent performance

8. [+62, -2] I felt this yesterday, there is nothing special about the girlgroup

9. [+65, -6] I am watching because of Boyfriend

10. [+70, -8] The expected results.. The winner will be Boyfriend..why? The girlgroup already has company. Even if they win, they can not choose other company.

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