[Spoilers] Knets reactions to Produce101 Season 2 ep 2

by - April 16, 2017

Naver - Herald Pop : "Do you want to be a singer?" The boys need to show their capabilities

1. [+6400, -54] I don't like to see the boys that have no will.. some even in top ranking

2. [+6361, -140] Seriously why YG model line appear in the show... they can't even sing or dance

3. [+4898, -60] Only watched for a while but they are so hopeless ㅋㅋ Is it because they have to carry their company image? They seem have no will to do their best. Let's just not pick boys that have no will, don't let them become a hindrance to hard-working boys

4. [+4758, -185] The pledis boys honestly didn't try their best.. I really wanted to like them but i was so surprised watching their videos evaluation

5. [+4049, -79] The boys also have no will compared to the girls

6. [+1437, -14] I really agree with BoA.. They can't stop performing in the middle of live broadcast just because they do some mistakes...They have to show their fighting will

7. [+1336, -25] They are more weak-hearted than the girls in season 1.. They also cry a lot compared to the girls

8. [+1256, -21] Honestly this season is more severe than season 1...only few hard-working boys.. We need Bae Yoon Jung

9. [+1064, -15] In season 1, the non-talented girls really worked hard and showed some improvements..In season 2, the boys lack in motivation and have poor basic skills. But in boys version, it's so obvious that the debut line up is going to be picked based on their fandom, not because they are hard-working or talented

10. [+1120, -53] Don't even compare them to Sohye, at least she had a will to improve.. the boys just have no will

Naver - Sports Choson : The class was settled, the center war is begin

1. [+4416, -42] Let alone the talents, so many no-fighting-will boys ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So many boys need to hear " Do you want to be a singer? "

2. [+3425, -55] I realized this while watching today that something is not meant to be no matter how hard-working the boys are.. It's cruel indeed, but they have to realize this.

3. [+2651, -56] Let's just eliminate the boys that have no fighting will and start all over again

4. [+2095, -36] Waa this is too severe

5. [+1545, -62] There was a reason why Lee Dae Hwi was a center

6. [+1436, -26] Yoon Ji Sung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He said he should have called his mom or dad after calling his sisterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+1280, -15] It is understandable why they did poorly compared to season 1. BoA said the dance is really hard, even singers would find it hard performing this song - Btw, stop giving screen time to the crying guys, give it to the hard-working guys in F class

8. [+1298, -69] Lee Dae Hwi received so many backlashes because he was the center, but the only one that doing it right is him  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No other guys suit as center. It is understandable why they push him so much

9. [+1066, -10] The last guy in F class, Kim Tae Dong really dances well... daebak..

10. [+926, -23] So many boys version of Sohye ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Kang Daniel is likeable

Naver - Ilgan Sports : It is not a center war but a screen time war, the first place Park Ji Hoon is nowhere to be seen

1. [+5799, -47] I hope they put the boys name in subtitle while being interviewed...i don't know who is who

2. [+4319, -78] The screen time is no fair... some boys in top 11 are nowhere to be seen

3. [+3469, -55] What do you expect from full of controversy and evil-editing broadcast station?

4. [+2423, -51] So when is the PD going to change his name?
* The PD said he would change his name if he do evil-editing

5. [+2186, -53] They should do well in screen time distribution

6. [+903, -31] Park Ji Hoo really worked hard, he even upgraded his class... It so obvious that they intentionally didn't show him. They didn't expect him to be on first place, so they treated him like he is invisible

7. [+787, -17] You call us nation producers? You tell us to pick the idols? Do well in screen time distribution so we could pick them.. Don't just focus on pushing some boys

8. [+685, -7] Because they only showed non-talented boys and how they could not do the mission well, I thought this is a documentary

9. [+744, -31] Please give screen time to Park Ji Hoon, Joo Hak Nyeon and Bae Jin Young. They are 1/4/5 in ranking, the screen time was such a nonsense..If you are going to be like this, why you do the show with 101 boys, you should just do it with 11 boys

10. [+628, -8] Is this even make sense that we don't know how the first place looks like in a survival show?

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