[SPOILERS] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 13

by - April 08, 2017

Naver - Herald Pop : Park Bo Young falls into crisis, will she lost her strength?

1. [+1553, -25] Please catch the criminal tomorrow. I hope we won't see him again next week... also Kwon Hyuk Soo

2. [+1537, -48] I thought Minhyuk would save him. Park Hyungsik's voice in OST so good

3. [+1497, -40] Since they dragged all they could drag for today, please show more sweet scenes between Minhyuk and Bongsoon for the rest 3 episodes!!!

4. [+1278, -33] Heol.... I thought she lost her strength

5. [+1198, -28] I watched this for God Boyoung but too many useless scenes today from PPL, high school students to gangster.

6. [+438, -11] Why that monk keep appearing. It has no meaning.. So annoying. I only watch this for the cutest puppy couple

7. [+384, -12] Did the writer change? Too many useless scenes and the story seems lost

8. [+321, -5] But she didn't use her strength to innocent person? The story does not match with the beginning..It is not like she purposely used her strength to that person... The writer has no answer

9. [+319, -7] The writer should reflect

10. [+320, -8] So how did they escape from fire?

Naver - OSEN : Park Bo Young says goodbye to Park Hyung Sik

1. [+531, -9] Too many useless scenes

2. [+381, -9] So the police could not catch the criminal without Bongsoon?

3. [+334, -7] I watched this because the female lead is described to have cider personality but why does she suddenly be such a nuisance ???? PD and writer can you even use your head????

4. [+326, -9] The story is dragging a lot... The police not doing anythings.. Gookdoo can only boast on how he will protect Bongsoon.. Kwon Hyuksoo's gangsters not even funny anymore... Also no matter how incompetent the polices are, does it make sense that they only walk around the junkyard and not investigate properly?

5. [+307, -5] Why so frustrating??

6. [+132, -0] Namaste no fun

7. [+130, -1] The writer lost her touches slowly... I am a fan of Park Hyungsik but i am so dumbfounded

8. [+124, -0] Writer .... Namaste~ should have ended in one episode

9. [+114, -0] The gangsters, monk, and high school students scenes are trash.. The story is dragging

10. [+101, -1] It is getting no fun.. too many useless scenes today

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