[Pann] GOT7's Mark Voice

by - February 17, 2017

Pann : GOT7 Mark's voice is so charming

My ears melted when listening to GOT7 songs yesterday. Maybe because he is an American, his english pronouncation and his rapping!! Wow! At the beginning of Mayday, I think it's Mark that did an english narration wow.. his voice really.. honey dripping from his voice.. He sometimes uses hightone voice when he is excited.. so cute...

His face is also so handsome!! Please share some of his photos!!ㅠㅠ
Other members photos also good

1. This is one of the best

2. Listen to Skyway.. Lock my fingers with yours, that's your seatbelt...

3. Stop stop it

4. Fish

5. Something good

6. See the light 

7. I want to get rid the papers

8. Live Mark

9. So handsome

10. 22- months old Mark

11. There is no ice cream now.. hahahaha

12. If you do

13. So cute

14. Eyes closed

15. The only Mark, Mark Tuan

16. You must listen to Moonlight! Cave-like Mark's voice has no end

17. Mark-five

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