Age of Youth season 2

by - February 17, 2017

Naver - Kyung Hyang : Age of Youth announces season 2, Han Ye Ri and other girls to reunite

1. [+7765, -14] Hwa Young . . .

2. [+7742, -24] I hope they don't cast Hwa Young. Her bullying scandal would bring this show down. I didn't watch Season 1, it's ok even if i don't watch Season 2

3. [+7290, -11] T-ara' Eun Jung was dropped from a drama because of her. She has no shame if she still holds on the drama

4. [+7350, -12] Kick Hwa Young out from the drama

5. [+7294, -13] Hwa Young ... Kick her out !!

6. [+7295, -14] Kick Jeollado's twin out!! what a liar!

7. [+7280, -9] Hwa Young ?????

8. [+7099, -9] Kick Hwa Young out!!

9. [+7023, -10] Kick Hwa Young out !! ㅡㅡ

10. [+6329, -10] Hwa Young's SNS is a mess ㅋㅋㅋ

Naver - Osen : The reason we want season 2

1. [+3090, -73] Really had fun watching this!! i support season 2

2. [+2131, -61] Even though the ratings was a shame, the reactions for the drama was good!! Lets go Season 2!

3. [+1756, -58] I laughed and cried because of Age of Youth ㅠㅠ my life drama ㅠㅠ i can relate to all dialogues, a really well-made drama! Thanks for making Season 2! Can not wait to see Belle Epoque!

4. [+1785, -106] I hope all members come back! i want to watch the continuation of their stories

5. [+1021, -65] Those who watched Age of Youth will know this! They should cast all members of Belle Epoque back!!! It will feel empty if they leave one main character. Especially girlcrush Kang Yi Na!! She was so cool !

6. [+255, -12] There is no single drama that represents a real life story of 20s these days. Age of Youth is the only one. When Han Ye Ri's character expressed her rage, we were angry with her. When Kang Eonni lived her new life, we were happy for her. I can relate with Park Hye Soo's shy character so much. You can not leave out a single character! They all are shining in their own ways and as important!

7. [+247, -10] I hope Park Eun Bin participate in Season 2. Season 1 ended without full closure on Song Sunbae's storyㅠㅠ

8. [+229, -15] Park Hye Soo still lacks a lot in acting, but she did well in bringing life to her Age of Youth's character. Meanwhile in other dramas, she seems can not express her characters well.

9. [+188, -7] Lot of dramas flopped in Season 2 because they changed the actors;; I hope they continue with the same cast

10. [+158, -12] The drama potrays a real story of 20s. Really a drama that we can enjoy and relate to!!

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