Korean Netizen praising BTS

by - February 14, 2017

Naver - Osen : BTS who keeps growing and making records

1. [+661, -50] Every comebacks, they release something that we can like and relate to. They now become an artist that you can trust to listen. Spring Day is really good

2. [+582, -44] I am glad they are rewarded for all the hardships, and all bad comments they've been through. Let's flying futher

3. [+580, -48] Honestly the song is so good. I am so upset people downgrade and won't listen to it just because it is an idol song

4. [+538, -44] Because of BTS, we have this kind of good news in the morning. I start my day feeling good. Thanks for the news.

5. [+503, -44] Bangtan ㅠㅠ a group that you can trust to listen

6. [+121, -5] This time you received an all kill. So great. Let's always be on the top

7. [+105, -4] You grew so much, and we believe you will grow more in the future. You always know what kind of song you want to do, your hardworking image is so cool, as fans we really proud of you. Complete this promotion well, without any hurts. I am waiting for you world tour. Love you

8. [+103, -4] So awesome, reach 10.000.000 views within 26 hours. Digital ranking is also good. Armies are working hard to keep the first position

9. [+100, -3] Thanks for supporting my youth

10. [+98, -3] Bangtan, let's walk on only spring path !! YNWA

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