[SPOILERS] Defendant Ep 7

by - February 14, 2017

Naver - Sports Choson : Ji Sung's father love, Kim Min Seok Reversal " Tears x Goosebumps"

1. [+1721, -26] It's kinda complicated, but i am relieved Ha Yeon is alive

2. [+1433, -28] Sung Gyu will help Jung Woo

3. [+1404, -32] What if Cha Min Ho's subordinate push Sung Gyu down to a truck. I am so nervous

4. [+1294, -53] Whatever with Uhm Ki Joon, i really don't like Hwang Madam

5. [+765, -68] So fun

6. [+380, -12] Defendants summary till now, 1st ep: storm like plot, 2nd ep: i don't remember i killed my wife? 3rd ep: i really don't remember, if i really killed my wife, i should get a death penalty, 4th ep: i still don't remember . . ah bell sound, 5th ep: i still don't remember yet, what? 16k? 6th ep: i don't really remember but i did that, you. . who are you ? 7th ep: my memory is vague . . uncle?

7. [+380, -12] In this rate, the police brother in law Tae Soo should find out what happen to Ji Sung. Even just once, start investigate what happened. What a frustrating brother in law

8. [+362, -14] Every episode of this drama ends with a private cell scene. He goes to private cell so often. So annoying

9. [+330, -6] Ji Sung will drain because of heat like that

10. [+287, -3] The lover of Cha Sun Ho will reveal the truth. I wonder how the plot will develop

Naver - My Daily : Ji Sung's daugther is alive, Kim Min Seok is the kidnapper

1. [+3314, -32] I am so scared that the man who follows Kim Min Seok will catch him. My heart is about to explode

2. [+3013, -47] Even like that, the daughter still go to kindergarten 

3. [+2495, -68] Wa. . what is the identity of Kim Min Seok ? Don't you ever dare doing anything to Ha Yeon. It is so crazily frustrating but i will endure it to see the conclusion. Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, and Kim Min Seok acting were crazy

4. [+2296, -72] The brother in law is the most annoying, Why don't you believe Ji Sung ?

5. [+1479, -30] Min Ho-yah let Sung Gyu alive. Jung Woo, Ha Yeon and Sung Gyu, please let them happy ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+692, -10] When does Ji Sung sleep ? There is no scene of him sleeping in this drama 

7. [+720, -58] It is kinda strange, Yuri as a lawyer runs around without a carelessness and gets caught by Cha Min Ho. Ji Sung keeps screaming in the prison

8. [+560, -7] Cha Min Ho only has one subordinate, but he works so fast, his access to informations also no joke. Park Jung Woo has lawyer, prosecutor, and police brother in law, but he always stands still ㅠㅠ That's why money is necessary

9. [+457, -6] Already expected that Sung Gyu is the one took Ha Yeon away, but the fact that he lived in the front house is so creepy

10. [+465, -10] So, Ji Sung didn't know that Sung Gyu lived next to him. Did Hayeon and his mom know Sung Gyu?

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