[SPOILERS] Defendant Ep 9

by - February 21, 2017

Naver - Osen : Ji Sung's memory is back, Cha Min Ho killed his wife

1. [+2262, -22] Ha .. Cha Min Ho is really a demon.. How can he stab her two times?

2. [+1702, -22] Waa.. I got goosebumps.. Ha .. See Ji Sung's acting

3. [+1564, -23] I got goosebumps at how he killed her with left hand

4. [+1118, -26] Waa the acting is top

5. [+843, -11] Cha Min Ho is a demon

6. [+422, -2] Woo Hyun seems to know something

7. [+399, -2] I don't know, but i got a feeling Woo Hyun keeps helping him

8. [+371, -1] Wow so crazy, he calls it theater and reenact the situation to Jung Woo

9. [+449, -33] What the reason is Yuri casted on this drama? I don't whether it is because her character or her acting. Female lead has no effect in this drama. Uhm Ki Joon and Ji Sung do it all

10. [+352, -4] Sung Gyu-ah, you must hide well!! You can not lose Ha Yeon !!

Naver - Osen : Ji Sung found his memory back, to do counterattack to Uhm Ki Joon

1. [+4276, -59] Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon's acting are really excellent

2. [+3772, -58] The actings in every episodes are really great.. Today's eating bread scene is daebak

3. [+3685, -67] I feel this when watching the drama. Someone between Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon must get a daesang!

4. [+2963, -56] Uhm Ki Joon is really a psychopath

5. [+1902, -47] Wow goosebumpss...

6. [+1042, -19] Ji Sung needs to get nutrients injection after acting

7. [+926, -20] Uhm Ki Joon really looks like a psychopath when he reenacts the crime.. also Ji Sung's bread scene .. Two of them are acting genius.. so crazy

8. [+823, -23] Ji Sung really loses out a lot of weight as this drama goes.. i hope he gets a daesang

9. [+730, -14] Cha Min Ho is likely to collapse because of Yeon Hee. She is the only person that can take him down

10. [+654, -8] The box that elderly handed will be a help!

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