Big 3 companies composer preference

by - February 15, 2017

 Naver - Oh My News : SM Entertainment prefers foreign composers while JYP and YG Entertainment prefers domestic composers

1. [+2313, -90] Compared to other agencies, big 3 songs are in different quality

2. [+1700, -24] SM is experiment type, they try a lot of new things. . SM Station has many good songs

3. [+1613, -49] They will do well, if they pick the right song

4. [+1402, -38] Doesn't matter if the song is good

5. [+1280, -40] JYP personally composes the song ㅋㅋㅋ anyway big 3 is equally good, hard to pick only one

6. [+367, -18] SM always tries new things, YG has characteristic, and JYP is a type you won't get tired to listen. They have their own charms

7. [+326, -15] Big 3 have their own colors.. Of course other companies have their own colors too.. but big 3 is just like a culture or tradition in Korean Entertainment ㅋㅋ they all are complete different from each others

8. [+313, -19] SM is good at picking pop songs, while YG is good at picking song that attracts public attentions. The problem with YG is they took a long time to pick that kind of songs so the comeback periods also longer than others. Nowadays it becomes worse because they have more artists to handle

9. [+319, -28] Songs that SM received from foreign composers sound good but they sometimes don't even care to put good lyric to them. I hope to see Sherlock kind of lyrics again

10. [+261, -13] I like three of them. SM always tries new things, YG always the trendy one, JYP songs don't even sound old few years later

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