BTS V was happy for his first acting project

by - February 15, 2017

Naver - Herald Pop : Kim Tae Hyung " I feel burdened for my first acting project. Happy it ended well "


1. [+3450, -251] He did better than i expected. You've worked hard

2. [+2810, -183] So cute 

3. [+2773, -197] I had a good time watching the drama. As an actor, the start is from now

4. [+2473, -193] Taehyung-ah, you've worked hard. You must feel burdened a lot because it is your first acting project. Thank you for acting well

5. [+2198, -151] You've worked hard

6. [+457, -36] I watch Hwarang for Park Hyung Shik. Taehyung acted better than i expected especially yesteday 

7. [+423, -34] I thought he will do bad but he did better than my expectation ㅇㅇ and he is so handsome

8. [+402, -29] Han Sung has only a few screen time but he expressed young and innocent character well. I think he has acting talent

9. [+409, -38] My daugther is Army so i watch the drama too. He did so well for someone who acts for the first time. Yesterday was so sad. I will wait for your next project

10. [+396, -38] I will always support you whether as BTS or actor! Figthing!

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