How to create a good husband a la Goo Hye Sun

by - February 18, 2017

Naver - TV Report : Goo Hye Sun 'Goo-Nim' should release a book about how to create a good husband

1. [+1547, -30] Goo Hye Sun is so different from her image, she is so simpleㅎㅎ She wears anything, she isn't picky with foods. She is a type that people would have no complaints and love to live with. She will say good if it is good, and bad if it is bad. She has no greed. I want to be a person like her 

2. [+1348, -41] I surprised everytime i heard Goo-Nim's interviews. She has a deep thought, but she looks like a kid when she plays with her husband. So cuteㅋㅋ

3. [+854, -21] They are a gentle and well-behaved cat-like couple

4. [+738, -32] If i get married, i want to be a good wife like Goo-Nim

5. [+687, -26] Truly a match made in heaven ^^ 

6. [+243, -2] In married couple relationships, being nice, take care and understand each other well can not happen if only one person took an effort to do it. Have to agree with your partner, and doing things together is easy but also hard to do in marriage

7. [+236, -3] It's not about create a good husband. It's about two good person meet and become a couple

8. [+231, -2] They are an example of meant to be together couple. It will be nice to have that kind of person or be that kind of person for someone. I know it is hard to find that kind of person, so i only hope for someone who can connect emotionally with me

9. [+230, -2] Ahn Jae Hyun is also do great. He always praises his wife and takes a good care of her~ what a nice husband. Two of them work together to make this relationship lovely

10. [+241, -11] Na Young Suk PD's variety show is always real. I can not stop smiling looking at them. AhnGoo couple, hope you can always be happy for a long long time

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