Kang Hye Jung doesn't regret being Tablo's wife and Haru's mom

by - February 20, 2017

Naver - Sports Choson : Kang Hye Jung says she doesn't regret being Tablo's wife and Haru's mom

1. [+3400, -13] I can't imagine how happy her husband is after listening to her thought

2. [+2583, -81] There is a saying that if someone decided to re-marry current spouse in their next lifetime, that spouse life is already half-success.. Envy Tablo 

3. [+1630, -85] I miss Haru, she is growing up well

4. [+1138, -64] Waiting for Lucid Dream. I miss Haru as well, support you 

5. [+712, -116] For ordinary people, we can count looking better than before is good, but for celebrity that most important is personality the reaction doesn't seem that good

6. [+235, -19] Like she would say she regret married to him at interview, that would be so funny

7. [+155, -14] She lives well, what is there to be regret about? 

8. [+141, -8] I also have no regret marrying to my current spouse, but i want to live alone in next life

9. [+194, -33] After her dental procedure, her pronunciation is bit off. She was so unique before, She had charm that reminded me of foreign actress, Jane March

10. [+167, -28] She looked really good in Old Boy, but her dental procedure messed up her face. If not for that, her visual would be in the top among other actresses

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