[SPOILERS] Defendant Ep 8

by - February 16, 2017

Naver - XSports News : Ji Sung vs Uhm Ki Joon, reunion in prison! Ji Sung's memory is back

1. [+2548, -54] Uhm Ki Joon must be really scared so he even personally came to the prison 

2. [+2312, -61] Today too, the ending was the best

3. [+2125, -37] Such a psycho! How many people did he kill?

4. [+1722, -53] Uhm Ki Joon killed the wife, gave money to Sung Gyu to kidnap the daughter. I think Uhm Ki Joon used the daughter to threaten Ji Sung so he confessed killing his own wife.. Next will be fun!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyway they killed too many people

5. [+1470, -48] Where is the next episode's preview?

6. [+903, -7] Cha Min Ho, you have mistaken it. You came to the prison to kill Jung Woo, but Jung Woo never sleeps. . He opens his eyes for 24 hours.. Min Ho-yah, you got yourself a trouble!

7. [+795, -20] When Ji Sung got his memory back on the bed .. The acting was crazy

8. [+587, -12] Wa. . Cha Min Ho went to the prison . . what a psycho!! so scary .. Ah the woman he killed in this episode also killed in Voiceㅠ I thought she would do something big before she dies ㅠ Whatever, i am glad Ji Sung got his memory back

9. [+554, -13] Ji Sung lost weights as this drama airs His face became so thin. If you look at his bed CF, there is a lot of differences.

10. [+498, -13] This is so fun. But the last scene, Uhm Ki Joon went to the prison seems unnatural. He would be caught red handed by prison guards

Naver - Osen : Lee Deok Hwa's special appearance, scary presence

1. [+817, -16] What's so scary about this drama so you scared drink white wine?

2. [+552, -12] That woman died in Voice, she died again in this drama. Within a month, she died two times

3. [+417, -5] Oh Yeon Ah, died too easily

4. [+365, -15] I knew it is him when listening to his voice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

5. [+154, -0] I thought they said that woman had an important role

6. [+153, -4] Why did that woman reveal her doubt openly like that ?

7. [+154, -15] I knew this is just a drama, but please stop with 'killed people but got everything handled by money' story. It is not even something to learn. So annoying!
8. [+139, -5] You already know that my hyung doesn't like white wine.. goosebumps

9. [+117, -4] Cha Min Ho killed a person again... but that woman is so funny.. how can she even try to check out Min Ho by herself. . She did not think her life could be risked?

10. [+104, -0] Uhm Hyun Kyung did drunk driving

Naver - Sport Choson : The real culprit is Uhm Ki Joon, face to face with Ji Sung

1. [+136, -4] We already knew the culprit, the question was did he personally do the crime or order someone else to do it for him? Turns out he did it himself-- daebak !! 

2. [+141, -9] Ji Sung's acting is crazy but Uhm Ki Joon's acting also great

3. [+111, -3] Wow. .At the moment we realise Cha Min Ho did the crime, he went to the prison

4. [+89, -3] The last scene was so intense

5. [+72, -2] So fun! Hard to wait for a week ! Please release next episode's preview

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