Red Velvet's Joy and Lee Hyun Woo's cool chemistry

by - February 14, 2017

Naver- Sports Seoul : New tvN's drama " The Liar and His Lover " main leads, Red Velvet's Joy and Lee Hyun Woo's heart fluttering two shots

1. [+1060, -46] Lee Hyun Woo looked so tired

2. [+863, -39] They were sleepy but have to take a photo

3. [+694, -89] Sleepy eyes! Even for a while, please sleep Joy-ah!

4. [+483, -92] Is there anyone who so tired and want to sleep for three hours in warm blanket?

5. [+341, -30] Waiting for a cheerful romance that suitable with spring! Lee Hyun Woo has been resting for a while, and this is Joy's first drama. I think this drama will have fresh vibe. I believe in you, Kim Jin Min PD!

6. [+187, -8] But ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why the two of them looked so tired . . Joy had sleepy face and Lee Hyun Woo's eyes half closed. They have to sleep so the screen comes out prettily..

7. [+186, -25] The lovely and sweet couple! Waiting for the drama!

8. [+161, -12] I saw them shooting at shopping mall. They both looked so pretty. I've been waiting the drama since then

9. [+158, -19] We believe in you choice, PD! Waiting for the drama!

10. [+145 -18] I am waiting for the drama, Fighting !

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