[Spoilers] Knets reaction to Produce 101 Season 2 Ep 3

by - April 23, 2017


Naver - OSEN : Brand New's Lee Daehwi is the first center

1. [+4401, -75] There isn't big difference of this season's ranks compared to last season.. We can already know who's going to debut

2. [+4160, -220] I thought he did something special to be picked as center but he only danced to Pick Me

3. [+4307, -344] Other trainees came up with their own choreographies.. But he got picked as center by only dancing to Pick Me and acting charming? If the result was going to be like that, better to pick via vote. What's the need of talent showcase?

4. [+2003, -61] The way they are choosing mission song is too cruel ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+1493, -76] We knew it already stop releasing the articles

6. [+1378, -46] I thought Yoon Jisung is only a funny character but he seems like a good person. He must have wanted the center position but he gave it up for the team saying he is older and it doesn't suit him

7. [+1352, -75] He wanted to observe Kim Samuel so he practised secretly in the higher place. . I was expecting him to show something great. . But he only danced to Pick Me for 40s and spent 20s to talk ㄷㄷand got chose as center. .so disappointing

8. [+1367, -53] Lee Daehwi is becoming unlikeable with this episode

9. [+1301, -147] Lee Daehwi is too much. . He chose his own team members without any consideration to others. . I lose my affection for him. . I thought he did something great to be chose as center but he only danced to Pick Me. . Other trainees did better than him

10. [+961, -55] Kang Daniel, i like him. Not only his face, but also his personality. You can see he is a good person

11. [+997, -60] Lee Daehwi. . He said there is a reason why the last group members didn't get pick by others . . He's so off-putting

12. [+1071, -92] To be honest.. if he had not picked as the center, he would not have came this far

13. [+1029, -96] Lee Daehwi's rank will drop

14. [+1035, -101] All this time his fans brainwashed others that he got picked as center he must be so talented that he has to debut but honestly he is not that great to be picked as center;; also what's with his group member selectionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He is so so...

15. [+836, -36] Kim Samuel doesn't seem that aware of him.. but Lee Daehwi is so aware of Samuel

Naver - Herald Pop : The A class consists of 16 trainees.. Ahn Hyungseob, Kim Taedong, etc upgraded their classes

1. [+1427, -14] He moved from F to A... He is really amazing..

2. [+881, -31] I hope the best for Kim Taedong

3. [+973, -21] Please give Jisung more screentime ㅠㅠ The show is too focused on the A class.

4. [+709, -28] I mean we all know who was the center why did you waste the screentime on A class' talent showcase

5. [+497, -39] Ha Sungwoon

6. [+379, -4] Kang Daniel is not the flower boy type but even as a rapper he has a good mind that he has to be good in singing and dancing. He takes a good care of the younger boy. His personality seems so good, and we can't say anything about his talents

7. [+273, -5] The announcement of center ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why did you call Lee Woojin, you should have announced Lee Daehwi is the winner, you only hurted the younger boy

8. [+274, -8] You are going to lose your viewers if you continue being like this ... We all know who was the center, why did you waste the screentime? It would be better if you showed more of the performance and practice sessions.. Really no fun

9. [+245, -7] Half of today episode is about Daehwi

10. [+230, -8] Kang Daniel is nice...

Naver - TV Report : Group battles commence.. Jang Moonbok shed joyful tears

1. [+6557, -386] The total scores of 10 points of 10 points teams were 357 : 401 but the average scores were 59,5/ 57, 3. To be fair, Yoon Jisung's team should have won

2. [+4002, -69] Lee Seokhun is so cider today If you're only good in dancing, just dance why do you want to be a singer The 3 criterias of being an idol are singing, dancing, and visual

3. [+5324, -528] Yoon Jisung, let's walk on Chek path with Jang Moonbok

4. [+3868, -104] They said they'd be fair .. '10 out 10' team one had one member less, why didn't they use the average score???? They did it in the first season... 3000 points benefit was huge

5. [+3360, -98] Both'10 out 10' teams had difference in the number of members, It might have not seemed that important but the benefit was 3000 points, wasn't it a bit disadvantageous for the less member group?? ha ㅠㅠ everyone worked hardㅠㅠ

6. [+1208, -46] If the number of members were different, should have used the average score.. Yoon Jisung let's debut

7. [+1193, -43] I feel this while watching the show. It's not the talented ones who are going to make it but the popular, the handsome and the issued ones.. I mean, it's understandable because the show is about picking your own idol but my heart hurts seeing the talented kids at the bottom ranks ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+1196, -63] Changing the center and putting Sung Hyunwoo and Jang Moonbok together actually made them shine brighter

9. [+1072, -67] Today's true winner is Yoon Jisung

10. [+918, -38] Kang Daniel is so stan-able.. If he continues like this, he is going to have many fans

Naver - OSEN : Lee Daehwi created avengers team, the group battle begins

1. [+662, -39] Crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Yoon Jisung is 9th

2. [+539, -68] Today's broadcast is about Lee Daehwi's greediness, No Taehyun and Park Woojin's leader fight, and Ahn Hyungseob's bubble

3. [+460, -43] Park Jihoon changes from cute to manly ^^

4. [+386, -22] Yoon Jisung is 9th!!!!

5. [+228, -6] I have already expected Yoon Jisung to be so charming since episode 1.. He is the moodmaker, his reaction is good, his personality also seems good. He is just good overall. If he gets to debut, he will get many loves! A real happy virus! He makes people around him feel good too

Pann : No Taehyun did wrong to Park Woojin

The post is about how No Taehyun stole Park Woojin's leader role.
OP said the problem is not about how he choreographed and helped other members but he seemed belittle and had no respect of Park Woojin. He changed leader Park Woojin's choreography as he wanted. Also during singing lesson, the gesture he did to Park Woojin while he was giving advise to Ahn Hyungseob is so off-putting. OP also said No Taehyun should learn how to be a better person first before training his talent. He is so disappointing

1. [+241, -19] I had no interest in Park Woojin before but this episode made me like him...He has quiet personality but on the stage he is so charming...ha i'm going crazy why the kid that good in rapping and dancing like him not picked as center?

2. [+190, -34] Obviously there is evil editing...but the gesture he did to Park Woojin is not evil editing;; That kind of gesture is going to make people feel bad. Even as a viewer, I feel bad seeing that.

3. [+146, -25] He was so mean todayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Woojin is so pitiful

Pann : Lee Daehwi is so off-putting

He only picked popular kids. He also said there is a reason why the last group members didn't get picked by others.

1. [+216, -4] He talked without thinking.. He is only 17 years old, it's understandable. But what i can't understand is how he got picked as center. Other guys did better than him. He only danced to Pick Me but other guys performed their own rapped and danced their own choreography.. This is so staged ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are obviously pushing him

2. [+158, -2] There is a reason why they didn't get picked by others.. If i were the last group member, i would punch him

3. [+155, -3] Produce 101 is a survival show, of course he would pick the popular ones as team members. But it's so off-putting of him saying there is a reason why the last group members didn't get picked by others. Imagine how the last group members and their families feel hearing something like that. It was so harsh

Pann : OP is seeing Hwang Minhyun in the new light

" F class appear when we get tired. They give us energy. B C D F fighting !! "

He is a positive thinker and overflowing with energy. He speaks prettily and he seems to have leadership... He is so evil-edited all this time. I am expecting more from him in the future. I hope he does well

1. [+146, -1] Ah.. I like when he said to that Nu'est leader he believes in him, but he didn't force him to be a leader.. He said we're asking your opinion, what do you think of being leader of our team? I saw him for the first time in Produce 101, but i really like him.. He is my fixed pick

2. [+139, -2] Agree.. He also seems to have an eye for people. At that time, Kang Daniel and Kwon Hyunbin were not popular, but he picked them saying they are outstanding

3. [+129, -1] Minhyun's personality is so goodㅜㅜ he also speaks prettily

Pann : The ranking for the third week

1. [+319, -67] Jisung, let's debut

2. [+271, -26] It's the first time for Sewoon to rank within top 11 right ? ㅠㅠㅠAh i'm happy

3. [+190, -28] Jisung is 9thㅠㅠㅠ Kang Daniel is 12thㅠㅠㅠ I'm happy

4. [+116, -85] Our Guanlin ㅠㅠㅠYou didn't appear much today but you were so cute saying you are confident to win because we pratised hard

5. [+114, -7] Only me liking Park Woojin?? My heart flutters when he speaks in dialect. He is also good in rapping, dancing, he has good visual too. He looks like a dessert fox. His ranking moved from 72nd -> 75th-> 38thㅠㅠㅠ He was in danger of being eliminated before, i'm so relieved his ranking went up

6. [+108, -15] Damn ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋBae Jinyoung's expression when he heard let's pick the handsome one as center is so cuteㅋㄲㅋ뀨ㅠㅠ

7. [+95, -10] Prove that screentime is so important

Pann : To the fans of Joo Haknyeon, Ahn Hyungseob and Bae Jinyoung

Don't say anything to people that vote for Yoon Jisung and Jang Moonbok when you are voting for Joo Haknyeon, Ahn Hyungseob and Bae Jinyoung just because they're handsome

1. [+253, -21] But Bae Jinyoung seems quite talented, he only lacks in confidence

2. [+240, -15] Bae Jinyoung seems quiet talented in singing and dancing, he just keeps looking at the floor

3. [+208, -9] People curse when you say you're voting for Yoon Jisung? I have not seen one

4. [+99, -11] But Jang Moonbok is the most untalented kid there

5. [+95, -13] Ahn Hyungseob is in the A class, why putting him with F class kids?

6. [+89, -6] Ahn Hyungseob and Bae Jinyoung are good though?

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