My Sassy Girl releases teaser poster

by - April 18, 2017

Naver - Sports Dongah : Joowon ❤ Oh Yeonseo's sweetness in My Sassy Girl's teaser poster

1. [+546, -62] Both of them are pretty. But let's change the drama title

2. [+430, -41] I expect this drama to fail like Cantabile Tomorrow. . I don't understand why Joowon keeps doing re-make drama with his acting skills?

3. [+320, -29] If it is going to be like this, why did you hold an audition?

4. [+369, -69] Yes.. I won't see the drama that abandon a rookie actress

5. [+254, -33] Joowon's acting skills is one of the best among actors, but he doesn't have an eye for acting project. Of course i know he didn't pick the project alone, his company had a say in that too. . As a fan, i want to see project where he can show his acting skills like Yongpal. The drama overall was bad but in the begining it was so good. No one can acting like Joowon in that drama. . Anyways, i am anticipating of Joowon's acting

6. [+143, -34] I won't watch a drama that abandon the winner of female lead audition

7. [+128, -29] Oh Yeonseo, learn facial expression;;; She always expresses every character the same way

8. [+80, -13] This is like Jung Yoora's controversy in drama industry . The rookie actress won over 1800 people in the audition. . But they abandoned her suddenly in a morning. I am more disappointed as she is in the same age and goes to the same school as me

9. [+160, -43] I smell a failed smells

10. [+174, -47] Did she have fun acting as female lead? It was not like she didn't have a job, but she stepped up on a rookie actress like that. The production teams, writers are jerk. I won't watch the drama no matter how fun it is.

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