Music Core to revive their ranking system

by - April 05, 2017


Naver - OSEN : Music Core to revive their ranking system starting April 15th

1. [+1159, -13] They keep changing the show format

2. [+829, -39] What is the importance of rank in the show dominated by idols? A song that still remains in head after a few years is the real song.

3. [+614, -9] Why they keep changing the show format

4. [+456, -18] They do whatever they want

5. [+360, -6] I hope they manage their ranking system well so there is no controversy later

6. [+120, -2] They back to ranking system to receive money from text votes.. so obvious

7. [+104, -2] It seems like they lack in money since they didn't receive any text votes ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+69, -2] Ranking system is so annoying.. Music Core has no stand at all, they keep changing

9. [+66, -2] Other music shows have no thought to get rid of ranking systems either. . .Ranking system is no use;; Our music industry has been dominated by idols for few years already, big fandom competes with each other to dominate the chart so the oppurtunity to listen to other singers or less popular idol's song is almost none

10. [+53, -4] Whatever with ranking system, fix your camera works first.

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