[Produce101] Rhymer plans to debut Brand New Music Trainees

by - April 19, 2017

Naver - Sports Dongah : Rhymer plans to debut Brand New Music trainees that participating in Produce101 

1. [+1973, -23] He doesn't know Kwon Eunbin got so much backlashes and got edited out in Season 1 for something like this? 

2. [+1573, -28] Debut them after the program and all activities of Produce101 over

3. [+1385, -13] I know he will definetely debut them but saying that when the program is still airing is a bit. . Do you think the audiences will vote them? Just look at Kwon Eunbin from the last season, she went from top ranking to being eliminated

4. [+1292, -64] So he let his company trainees joined Produce101 to build the hype before debuting them. . He really has no conscience if you look at how much Mnet pushing Brand New trainees

5. [+1096, -63] He won't debut them in the middle of promotion like DIA, Gugudan, and Cosmic girls right ?

6. [+358, -8] Why did he send off trainees that planning to debut? There is no purpose on doing survival program then

7. [+315, -11] So all four trainees are going to debutㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How about other contestants who still not have any plans to debut, what are their faults. . Brand New really has no conscience, they join the program only to get attention for their debut

8. [+300, -5] The chairman is saying something so dumb

--- [+11, -0] They only join the show to gain attention, don't vote for them. . They should not have joined the show

9. [+218, -2] This won't be a help if you are saying this now. . The contestants in season 1 all were so desperate to debut, but the contestants in season 2 are planning to debut and only join the show to build the hype. .

10. [+202, -4] It is happening in two episodes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Naver - OSEN : [Official statement] The plan to debut boygroup is still not confirmed

1. [+988, -83] Isn't that what Produce101 about;; There are also many contestants that have already debuted in the show. . Debut is not the end, so they join the show to gather attention

2. [+693, -59] Since it is not confirmed, stop releasing the articles

3. [+388, -20] The chairman should watch out his mouth

4. [+810, -193] Whether it is confirmed or not, i still like Lee Dae Hwi. I wondered why he was the center while watching the performance, but after watching episode 2 i fell in love with him, there is nothing he can not do, he also looks confident

5. [+293, -53] So the media making things?

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