[Instiz] This contestant got evil edited in Produce101 Season 1

by - April 18, 2017

Heo Chan Mi

She got evil edited at first. As she is proved innocent, she got less screentime. Because of that, many people didn't even know she dyed her hair to black. 

Mnet basically used her to create drama. I hope no contestant get used by Mnet like her this season

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- So unfortunate. . .

- She is the biggest victim. . .

- Mnet kept showing how her voice cracked in one performance but when she did well, she had no screentime. Isn't this so scary? She gave main vocal position to Jung Eun Woo because her throat condition was bad, but she got edited as greedy and ambitious girl. She praised Yoon Jung a lot but that's too got edited. .  Heo Chan Mi's older sister explained all with a post but no one interested

--- The production teams should get the same treatment

--- She did well in Monster performance. .so unfortunate

- Among 101 contestants, her talent is on the top

- I have looked up to her from the start ㅠㅠ so unfortunate. I hope she does well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

- So unfortunateㅠㅠㅠ Produce101 is about screentime after all

- I didn't remember when she got eliminated. I was watching Yum Yum performance preparation video and wondered who the main vocal is. I surprised seeing her there, and got surprised again because she did so well

- I heard she is going to debut in a Vocal group. I really hope she does well

- I can't even count how much they show her cracked voice in Into The New World performance. . The production teams ruined her

- I personally support her because i like Five Dolls

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