What if Produce101's Jang Moon Bok changes his hair style

by - April 05, 2017

Nate : If Produce101's Jang Moon Bok cuts his hair, he will transform into visual member?

1. [+1111, -48] If you think about it, Jang Moon Bok is so awesome. At young age, he passionately did what he likes to do, rapping. Even when the whole nation made fun and cursed at him, he didn't give up. So amazing. Moon Bok, do all you want to do! Chek~

2. [+868, -45] The whole nation made fun of him when he appeared on Super Star K. If you listen to his lyric, you will know he has a strong mental. Moonbok-ah, Hyungdeul will make you laugh~

3. [+717, -21] Moonbok-ie looks alike Chef Choi Hyun Suk?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+38, -3] He will be the first male idol that have fandom consist of Hyungs

5. [+31, -3] If i were Jang Moonbok, i would be so embarassed and frustrated. But he came until here. His mentality is so awesome. Hyung will support you! This hyung has never sent text votes before, but i will do it for you!

6. [+30, -3] Do all hair styles you want to do Moonbok-ie

7. [+26, -5] Lee Seung Cheol, you jerk! When you laughed at him, he did his best! He already beats you in popularity now! How dare you laughed at him !!!

8. [+19, -15] Honestly he is not handsome ㅋㅋㅌ

9. [+17, -0] If he successes, he should take care Rock President

10. [+17, -3] He got so much hates, but still not giving up his dream. Honestly not all can do it like him.

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