JYPE's band DAY6 that promotes in different way

by - April 05, 2017


Naver - OSEN : JYPE promotes DAY6 with word-of-mouth

1. [+1599, -23] I hope JYP pays more attention to DAY6, Baek Ah Yeon, Park Ji Min, Baek Ye Rin, and Bernard Park

2. [+1209, -9] I like 'You were beautiful' song that they sang on Kpop Star. I surprised because they are more talented than contestants

3. [+1068, -8] Their songs are really good, so well-made

4. [+859, -9] If they keep working hard and not give up, people will recognise them eventually. Their chance will come for sure

5. [+725, -10] All of their songs are so goodㅠㅠ

6. [+177, -1] DAY6's song is so good! If you listen once, you will keep listening ㅠㅠ Supporting you

7. [+173, -2] DAY6 is going to be popular even with less promotions. They have that capability

8. [+162, -2] All of their songs are legendary, I wait, You were beautiful

9. [+139, -2] I knew them by chance, their songs really good!

10. [+124, -2] My style, modern rock !!!!❤

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